Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Her Majesty's Name

Somehow I've managed to avoid Victorian era miniature gaming (unless Old West and ACW count). I've decided it's time to break into the era, and I have started painting some Perry Gordon Highlanders from their Sudan range. These fellows are destined for service on the North West Frontier sometime soon, but I've also decided to use them as an excuse to pick up some Victorian Science Fiction rules.

"In Her Majesty's Name" is Osprey's latest foray into miniature games, written by the guys responsible for FUBAR. It should be available sometime this spring, and I'm pushing to get a couple of forces together to try the game when it drops.
I'll be getting a Tong gang and a cult dedicated to the return of some ancient Egyptian villain, but I expect the forces of good to be led by a lady scientist and the doughty Highlanders.

The Tong:

The Servants of Ra:
Our heroine and her Scottish friends:

I know I'll eventually build some urban terrain to represent some seedy London locations, but I think my adventures will begin somewhere up the Nile. The terrain won't be as demanding... I already have my eye on a cheap fishtank Sphinx, and I have some tomb trappings made for the Warlords of Aegyptus game that will work well for objectives. My Flames of War North Africa terrain will see some use, too. A box of Perry Mahdists will work nicely for some angry natives.
The rules sound like they'll be pretty flexible, so I hope to introduce some Weird West gaming to the mix before too long.

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