Monday, June 10, 2013

Warhammer Historical: The Great War

Last Friday, I dusted off my collection of World War I miniatures and put on a game of Warhammer Historical's Great War. We incorporated the command and control rules from the Over the Top supplement.

The Germans wait in their trenches:

British forces mass for the attack:

The British chose to attack at dawn, with an initial gas attack. Lots of Germans got pinned, one machine gun was destroyed. The British troops surged ahead, led by a Mk IV tank.

The British approach German lines:

The tank quickly overheated and started smoking, and it's firepower was mostly ineffective. It did manage to mash a barbed wire section.

Steady, boys....

German machinegunners have a target rich environment:

The British attackers took rather alarming casualties, but they managed to pass all their pinning and break tests when they needed to. 

British troops carry the first line of trenches:

At this point, it seemed likely the Germans wouldn't be able to mount an effective counterattack to repel the British, and we called the game in favor of the allies. Plus, game 4 between the Bruins and Penguins on the TV in the background became too distracting for me.

A very enjoyable game. It's a shame the rules are no longer available. I'm glad I grabbed Over the Top before Warhammer Historical ceased to exist.